About us

Aldaba Zahar Elkartea is an association created in the village of Tolosa over 20 years ago. In this journey of hard work, we have created several projects for group work.

Produce healthy food is our livelihood, and therefore all products are produced in a organic way, a task we started more than two decades ago.

- Cheese Factory: Goat, beef and lamb cheese, yogurt, old cream cheese...

- Bakery: whole wheat bread, rye bread, muffins, pastries, plum-cake, biscuits ... All this occurred with flour milled in our own houses

- Besides all this, we offer seasonal vegetables and fruits, jams (Errezil apple, kiwi, orange ...), kid home, pureed fruit, cider, eggs and a variety of products.

Do you want to live and work with us?

If you are looking for new experiences, in Aldaba Zahar Elkartea we are open to meet people who want to live for a while in the nature, learning to make bread, milk, yogurt, feed and look after the animals, keep in touch with nature...

If you want to try this, this may be your opportunity to live in the village Aldaba Zahar and work in exchange for room and food.

Contact us by email or phone!

You can contact us also through the WWOOF program